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Leveraging Emotional Design for Improved Interaction

Enhancing User retention in Business Messaging App: A Research Proposal


Yarden Ben Shushan | UX Designer

Shay Mohar | UX Designer

Project Overview

This project was part of the "Quantitative UX Research" course's final assignment. The goal was to showcase the ability to design and present a thorough research plan, applying causal research principles using descriptive statistics from a B2B/SaaS product dataset, and demonstrating expertise in user experience research.


The Product

The product is an instant messaging application designed for business use, similar to Slack. Its goal is to facilitate communication and collaboration among team members.

After conducting a thorough analysis of the product's dataset using the Mixpanel platform, we derived several key insights that guided the subsequent phases of our research.

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Key Performance Indicator (KPI): Improving User Retention

Preliminary Data Insights

Most Common Action: Sending messages.

Average Number of Messages Sent Per User: 1.2 messages in the last 30 days.

Drop-Off Rate (from Tutorial Completion to Message Sending): 85.63%.

Median Time to Send First Message: 24.8 days.

Identified Issues

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01 Discrepancy Identified: Between common action and actual message sent per user.

02 Extended Time to First Message: Users take a long median time to send their first message.

03 High Drop-Off Rate: Significant decline in user engagement post-tutorial completion.


Research Question & Hypothesis

Question: How does the tutorial procedure impact users' first message-sending behavior?

Hypothesis: Making the tutorial optional will improve retention and increase the frequency of message sending.

Variables & Measurement

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